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October 7th, 2020

Accora Village’s Orion and blackiron create space.

When Accora Village came looking for an integrated ad campaign for their modern, refreshed Orion apartments, no one knew working from home was going to be our new normal. Coincidentally, blackiron decided the strategy would focus on this one key benefit: space. And since then, the benefit of space has proven itself more important than ever. 

The team looked at Orion and saw all the amazing perks offered to its residents: modern suites, an athletics and lifestyle building, child care, green spaces, gorgeous city views, easy access to transit, and so much more. But there was one benefit Orion offers that we thought needed some attention: SIZE. These apartments are roomy! Our team visited the refreshed building early this year and experienced the spacious apartments for ourselves. We’re talking spacious, affordable, refreshed living spaces. We knew having some extra room was a huge bonus for anyone looking for a new living arrangement, especially since newer builds typically have smaller square footage offerings. So we zeroed in on that key benefit and ran with it.  

Orion’s Get The Space You Need integrated campaign focuses on how having more space to live improves your life. And we all know just how vital that extra space can be for our wellness in 2020. The campaign includes digital, radio, out of home, print, and a video shoot coordinated by blackiron that highlights Orion’s spacious appeal. 

The Accora Village team were true collaborators, clear communicators, and game to have some fun with this one. But above all else, it was nice to know we were creating a campaign with a client and product that would benefit peoples’ quality of life. 

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