March 24th, 2022

Over the past two unexpected years, we took some time to re-evaluate what was important to us. To reflect upon what our agency stood for and what we wanted it to stand for going forward. 

We determined that it was about being progressive, empathetic, and authentic. It was thinking about our clients’ problems and trying to solve them from their perspective. It was about working with like-minded people. It was about achieving personal and organizational successes and helping our clients achieve theirs, regardless of how that was measured by each person.

We then re-evaluated our brand visuals and language, and decided it just didn’t feel true to where we wanted to go with the brand.

Simply put, it just didn’t feel like us anymore.

That thinking became the impetus of change. And so, we started with creating a brand promise, one that would resonate with like-minded clients and one that we could hold ourselves accountable to:

Creating a better tomorrow.

How do we create a better tomorrow for your brand?

We do it by adding value to your brand. By making it stand out in a sea of same. We do it by separating you from the rest of the herd.

And by making your hard earned dollars go even further.

We do it by solving real-world business problems and by creating ideas that just can’t be ignored. And we do it collaboratively.

This is our promise to our clients and to ourselves, and a reminder about why we do what we do – which is to make the lives of our clients, and their customers better. 

It’s what we stand for. It’s what we believe in. It’s how we work – and it’s our promise to you.

As we designed our new logo, we wanted to stay true to the brand we’ve built over the past 20+ years, but evolve it through a modernized, forward-looking interpretive take on the letter K.

We chose our new brand colour (a cheery blend of yellow and orange we have internally coined as “y’orange”) because it represents the optimism and tomorrow-facing promise of our agency and speaks to a new day ahead for us and our clients. 

Together, our new visual brand identity represents the optimism, progression, and energy that drives what we do.

Now this feels like us.

Thank you to our loyal and valued clients and partners that allow us to do what we love doing. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you and we look forward to celebrating and sharing the wins of tomorrow with you. 

Welcome to the new Blackiron

Looking to create a better tomorrow for your brand?