Giving renters the space they need. And then some.


Take a newly renovated apartment building in an older, established rental community and compete against newly built apartments in other development sites.


While newly-built apartments and condos have beautiful finishes and features, they are lacking in what people are truly looking for: space. Accora Village’s older, but now beautifully refinished apartments now have modern upgrades, and also boast more space. In addition, the on-site amenities and access to green space right outside the door provided additional “space for living” outside of the actual apartment.


Create a campaign that quickly conveys to the consumer the key benefit of space, and how it can improve their life. With this campaign launching and then running through 2020, 2021, and 2022 when people were spending more time living, and now schooling and working at home, the benefit of extra space proved itself to be more important than ever.