Brand and sell the community of the future.


Take a 34 acre post-industrial site, a significant historic hub of exploration, discovery, and industrial invention, and turn it into a world-class, master-planned, sustainability showpiece. Or, more simply put - brand and sell the community of the future.


Home to a lot of historic “firsts”, the site’s newest use - a mix of residential, commercial, and public spaces on the Ottawa River - with some never before seen sustainability approaches, would be another historic first. The research showed we needed to create something that resonated with like-minded consumers who were equally driven to be a part of something groundbreaking.


Create a brand, tone, and approach that positioned the site in the minds of the consumers, as the innovative community of the future, born out of the site’s innovations of the past. Present consumers with something different that gives them braggings rights for getting in on the ground floor.