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October 5th, 2015

Porsche Canada Performance Tour Video

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Porsche Canada selected blackiron agency for their video production of the first Porsche Canada East Driving Performance Tour.

Porsche Canada asked blackiron to pitch on their unique Porsche Driving Experience Canada video work and were the chosen video advertising agency. During this 3-day tour blackiron used helicopters, drones, GoPros and had a few bodies hanging from moving vehicles to captures this dynamic experience through video.

Day 1:
Ottawa Airport Arrival + Off-road Driving Experience + Dinner and Accommodations at Chateau Montebello

Day 2:
On-road Driving experience + Dinner and Accommodations at Tremblant Hôtel Quintessence

Day 3
On-track Driving Experience

The Porsche Performance Tour is a 3-day tour designed to let drivers experience a range of 911 models and the Cayman GTS on both road and track surfaces, as well as the Cayenne S on a specially designed off-road circuit. Each day involves unique driving skills and high-end accommodations and meals.
Through a one-minute video blackiron captured the true essence of this 3 day driving experience.

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