Safety first. Blackiron and Skate Canada pair up for rebrand.

March 4th, 2021

Skate Canada is known Internationally for the work they do and the skaters they develop. They place heavy importance on their Safe Sport program and are committed to keeping everyone within the skate community on the cutting edge of safety.

Skate Canada’s Safe Sport program was looking for a brand refresh and Blackiron jumped at the opportunity to work with them. We created a concept— Surrounded by Safety — which focused on how safety should surround all aspects of a skater’s practice. Keeping the skating community safe is of utmost importance both on and off the ice. This is why the concept hinges on safety as an active part of a skater’s life. Every asset came back to this main messaging and created a streamlined cohesion to the work.

We created a fresh look and feel for the Safe Sport section of Skate Canada’s website in both English and French with interactive infographics, a fun kids’ colouring book, posters, and more.

We give working with Skate Canada 10s across the board and can’t wait to see what they and their skaters do next.

Learn more about Skate Canada’s National Safe Sport Program at