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DC Super Hero Girls


DC Super Hero Girls is a popular super hero action franchise created by DC Comics (Warner Bros.) and Mattel.
DC Super Hero Girls


DC Super Hero Girls advertises globally and expects benchmark metrics for clicks and impressions while maintaining a 1.5% CTR under a tight budget and relatively short flight dates.
DC Super Hero Girls


DC Super Hero Girls had to maintain stronger brand awareness in some countries as opposed to others with scale being the main factor.
DC Super Hero Girls


Improve brand awareness in 17 different countries by advertising paid search campaigns in Google AdWords. Drive relevant website traffic and daily optimization to achieve benchmark results in clicks and impressions, while maintaining a 1.5% CTR (click-through-rate) the entire time.


Campaigns ran for 4 months with daily optimization resulting in an increase in clicks, impressions, and CTR.

At the aggregate level blackiron over delivered by 5,000 clicks while maintaining a 1.82% CTR with the budget well surpassing expected clicks and CTR.







“blackiron executed a massive global campaign that reached 17 countries through targeted search that consistently performed above benchmarks. With a strong grasp of new media, the blackiron team constantly provides value in social, search, ad strategy and creative – we look forward to continuing to work with them this year and in the future!”

Braden Bailey
President – Fuel

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