Jake Rupert Joins Blackiron as Sr. Account Manager

December 14th, 2021

Blackiron is proud to announce that Jake Rupert has joined our agency as a Senior Account Manager. Jake brings over seven years of strategic marketing experience to the Blackrion team, having had the opportunity to work alongside major national and multinational powerhouse brands, including Bell Canada, Ford Motor Company, Molson Coors Beverage Company, Ottawa Senators Hockey Club, and Uber.

Jake has established himself as a talented and trusted marketing expert, excelling at identifying opportunities for business growth, evaluating clients needs, and recommending impactful solutions through market analysis and industry trends. He refers to himself as a student of the industry by nature; being a fan and consumer first, whether it be sports, marketing, digital media, and/or compelling content.

Through his previous work as Account Director with the Ottawa Senators, Jake holds significant experience within sport marketing and partnerships, SEO/SEM marketing, and all forms of traditional marketing media. Having grown up a competitive hockey player and avid fan of the team, Jake was an instrumental figure in leading the rollout of Bell Canada’s national sponsorship strategy through their Ottawa Senators sport partnership. Jake is a pioneer in spearheading one of the first NHL sport partnerships to disrupt the fan experience as we know, enhancing it further to offer a remote and mobile platform for fans to capture selfie-photos via stadium mounted cameras.

These are just some of the many examples where Jake has progressively pushed the boundaries in marketing strategy and client services. We’re very excited to welcome Jake to the Blackiron team, and all the incredible opportunities he brings to existing and future clients!